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Fulfilling the promise of teaching

Inspiring Teachers is a global education nonprofit helping teachers make a greater impact in their communities.

In 2011

We were 5 teachers running workshops for 25 teachers in Uganda. Over the next decade, 2,361 teachers joined us as Fellows. Alongside 15 local partners, we ran 96 institutes for 5,000 teachers across 11 low-resource contexts.

In 2021

We are working to scale our impact. Our programs combine our innovative coaching tools with people power. Alongside our partners, we support schools and systems to help teachers go from good to great, ultimately accelerating learning in their classrooms.

We're on a mission to improve the lives of 10 million children by 2030

See our path to scale

To us, great teaching represents humanity at its very best.

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We help schools and systems help teachers make a greater impact.

Our programs combine innovative coaching tools with people power to revitalize teaching in classrooms and elevate learning outcomes.

Our Team

We are a driven team with a vibrant community. We find strength in diversity and team spirit in shared purpose. We cherish the chance to make a unique contribution together.

We are guided by our values: learning, resourcefulness, teamwork and trust. Our principles make us better each day.

Meet our people

Our Partners

Our model aligns the insights and efforts of local organizations with the energy, expertise and resources of teachers, global philanthropic partners and leading educational institutions.

We are proud to work with innovative teacher development organizations in strengthening teaching across Asia, Africa and the Caribbean.

Our partners range from networks of schools to NGOs and governments. We support our partners to co-design, pilot and scale teacher coaching programs to make a greater impact.

Our work has been made possible thanks to advice and generous support from funders who share our belief that every child deserves an education enables them to thrive.
Our work has been accelerated and our community strengthened thanks to partnerships with leading organisations in education and social entrepreneurship.