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Diversity and inclusion

Why it’s important to us

Inspiring Teachers exists to help educators create a world where every person can thrive.

We believe making our contribution to building that world only becomes possible when we create an inclusive environment where people with diverse talents and perspectives combine and the voices of those closest to the problems are elevated and amplified.

The more diverse we are, the stronger we become

What we think

Enabling every person to make their full contribution starts with means acknowledging the systemic inequities and barriers that hold some people back and privilege others and then working to dismantle them. We are committed to taking a proactive approach to building an inclusive organisation.


Since 2018 we have provided ‘equity grants’ to enable teachers from minority groups to join our Fellowships. We’ve seen strong uptake and it’s helped us build stronger teams.

We are also now working to be more deliberate about building a diverse team and fostering local leadership.

What we’re doing to improve

During our rebranding in 2020, we realised we needed empowering narratives at the heart of our communications.

Becoming Inspiring Teachers, was a first step and we’ll be using our new brand to communicate the heroic work teachers and our partners do through dignified storytelling.

Dignified Storytelling is an initiative that aims to foster a common understanding of how storytelling can and should instill, as well as maintain the dignity of all persons, while striving to create an environment of positivity that strengthens long-term relationships between the public, private and the development and humanitarian sectors.

Though many of us crossed oceans to be here, we are all teachers under the same sky

Christine Clemence, Fellow

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