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The most valuable resource teachers have is each other

Peer coaching makes it possible to get every teacher the support they need to achieve great outcomes.

Our peer coaching program equips teachers with the skills, tools and support they need to give each other high-quality coaching. The program can be led by school leaders and is designed to rolled out through the system.

  • Systematic
  • Efficient
  • Scalable

Why peer coaching?


More effective

Programs with coaching can be 2x more effective than programs with centralised training alone.

The problem

In low-resource contexts, coach to teacher ratios often exceed 1:200. Teachers get neglected.

The opportunity

Peer coaching can change the equation. With the right structure, teachers can give each 1:1 support.

Empowers teachers with the skills and tools to give each other regular 1:1 coaching

How it works

Harnessing peer coaching to unlock great teaching

Our program empowers teachers with the tools they need to give each other regular high-quality peer coaching. Combining, workshops observations and coaching the program equips and enables school leaders to help their teachers keep getting better.

From good to great through peer coaching

Our program empowers teachers as peer coaches, equipped with the tools and techniques that accelerate learning in their classrooms and enable them to help each other keep getting better.

School leaders get support and the tools they need to lead the program and create an environment where every teacher can go from good to great.

Teachers observe each other using the techniques in class

Working in pairs, teachers watch each other attempting to use the strategies from workshops in their classroom.

Observations are just 15 minutes long and we provide tools that focus and guide the process, enabling teachers to give each other targeted feedback.

Teachers give feedback and action plan in staff meetings

Every two weeks, school leaders run a staff meeting where teachers peer coach and prepare for the next cycle.

School Leaders get guides for running these sessions. The tools they get, make rolling out peer coaching both manageable and rewarding.


We partner with leading organisations to pave the way to impact at scale.


Improving teaching

A sample of 396 teachers who participated in our 2019 program were more able to structure learning, check understanding and create a positive classroom climate.

Teachers also showed increased motivation and reported feeling more confident trying new approaches in their classrooms.

Hear from Teachers

We provide curriculum and digital tools that unlock people power

Our Platform

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