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See our work

We run coaching programs in 11 low resource contexts.

Since 2011...


Local partners


Schools supported


Teachers certified


Children impacted


Since 2016, in partnership with Great Lakes University, we have supported 600 teachers across 72 schools in Bwindi, Uganda.

Our partnership in Uganda was our first and has been our testing ground for innovations since. In 2020, we implemented the TEACH Observation Tool and began piloted our peer-coaching program.


Since 2015, alongside our partner, GNAPS, we have provided programs for 355 teachers in Ghana, impacting education for 5,600 children.

Our ambition is to build on learnings with our learnings working with GNAPS and other partners to support larger-scale programs in Ghana.


Since 2014, alongside Teach For Nepal and VIN, we have provided in-service professional development programs for over 700 teachers, impacting education for over 22,000 children.

In 2020, the pandemic interrupted all our programs. We’re looking forward to recruiting Fellows to support our programs in Nepal and across our other partner locations.


Since 2016, alongside our partners in Rwanda, we have provided in-service professional development programs for 510 teachers, impacting education for 15,000 children.

Children in Rwanda get just 3.9 years’ worth of learning from their 11 years of schooling. In response to this, the government has made strengthening teaching and learning its top priority.


Since 2013, alongside our partners in Tanzania, we have provided in-service professional development programs for 780 teachers, impacting education for XYZ children.

Babati is situated in Manyara Region and has 141 schools. Livingstone Trust has been working in the region since 2007 and now is increasingly focused on education quality.