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Inspiring Teachers wins World Bank & HundrED competition

By Simon Graffy

Nov 12, 2021 | 1 minute read

Inspiring Teachers is a winner in the World Bank’s ‘Teachers for a Changing World competition’ — a spotlight to identify the most scalable, impactful innovations in teacher development for low-resource settings.

Our Peer Coaching Platform was judged by a group of 51 HundrED Advisory Board members as one of the top 10 innovations in teacher development globally in terms of potential to improve learning outcomes at scale.

We were excited to see the World Bank launch this competition because, based on our decade of experience running teacher development programs, we see a critical need for new, more scalable and cost-effective ways to get teachers in low-resource settings the ongoing support they need and deserve.

Each year, systems spend billions of dollars on one-off training but very little on finding new, better ways to help teachers to improve outcomes. As a result, most teachers in low-resource settings aren’t getting adequate support, and across their classrooms, millions of children aren’t learning at the rate they could and should be.

What is needed is a sea change in how teacher support gets provided. Systems need to move away from a monoculture of ad-hoc, overly theoretical workshops and towards evidence-informed, integrated school support programs focused on giving teachers practical support and school leaders the tools they need to effectively take up their responsibilities as instructional leaders.

At Inspiring Teachers, we are thrilled to have our work spotlighted by World Bank. We are looking forward to building on this recognition as we help school and system leaders find new and better ways to give teachers the support they need to get inspiring outcomes for children in their classrooms.