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Become a Fellow

Be part of a team of teachers tackling inequity through education

Fellowship Program

Our Fellowships are 3-4 weeks long and run in January, June, July & August.

  • Choose from one of 11 countries
  • Lead workshops with other Fellows
  • Join a team of 25 inspiring educators
  • Experience education in a new context
  • Support teachers in their classrooms
  • 100 hours of leadership development

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Coaching hours



Support teachers go from good to great.

Our peer-coaching program trains and equips teachers with powerful techniques to keep getting better and accelerate learning outcomes in their classrooms.

Our coaching program

Fellow Journey

How Fellowships work

Our Fellowships mobilise passionate educators to dedicate their summer breaks to supporting teachers and schools in low-resource settings.

Through workshops and coaching cycles Fellows support teachers in their classrooms each day. They are supported at every step and become part of our global community of inspiring teachers.


It takes 15-20 minutes to submit. It focuses on your teaching experience and your motivations for joining.


Focusses on your motivations for becoming a member of Inspiring Teachers and a chance for you to ask questions.

Become a member

If you are successful at interview, we’ll invite you to join Inspiring Teachers.

Prepare for your role

We provide a range of resources and activities to help you prepare for your role.

Prepare for travel

In the months before your Fellowship, you’ll connect with your team who help with all pre-planning.

We’ll help you mobilize

You’ll get a fundraising page and we’ll support you to engage your school and maximise your contribution.

Arrive in-country

Our team will be there to meet you at the airport and travel to the region the program takes place.


You’ll visit schools and meet teachers to get an insight into the education context before you get started.

Plan for your role

Get familiar with the coaching tools you’ll be using and begin planning for your workshops in small teams.

Support teachers

You’ll partner with four teachers for the duration of your stay, helping them on the journey from good to great.

Nine coaching cycles

Each day focuses on a different teaching challenge. You’ll observe, give feedback and practice together.

Weekly workshops

Each week, you’ll run workshops with other Fellows for the teachers in your school.

Return inspired

Return to your own classrooms with a renewed sense of self, having made an impact and lifelong friends.

Just the beginning

Become a senior Fellow, apply to be a Team Leader or build lasting links with your school.

Global community

However you stay involved, it’s a teaching community that will be a part of you forever.

An equitable exchange