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Team Leader


Role: Team Leader

Contract: One Year - Fixed Term

Start Date: Rolling

Location: One of the following: Belize, Cambodia, Ghana, Guyana, India, Laos, Malaysia, Nepal, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda.

Reporting to: Programme Manager

Time Commitment: Across the year = 5 hours per week some weekday evenings and weekends. In-country = Full-time intensive (approx. 10 hrs/day) weekdays & weekends inclusive

Status: Closed

Upcoming: Applications for January 2021 Fellowships will open in February 2020. Applications for June, July and August 2021 Fellowships will open in July 2020.


An immersive professional development programme

An LRTT Fellowship is a culminates in a three to five week in-country placement where Fellows and in-country teachers work together to design and deliver high quality professional development in alignment with the four foundations of our specially designed course - [mutual empowerment; collaboration and sharing; sustainability and; innovation].

Effective and meaningful experiences

For Fellows, the experience starts from the moment they are confirmed on one of our 40 programmes, with careful guided preparation beginning many months before arriving in country. Pre-departure activities include self-directed study modules, peer support from Team Leaders and Programme Managers, (in person/web based sessions) and cross Fellowship socials. These are designed to ensure that Fellows are well equipped with the right skills and attitudes to both be effective in context, and; enjoy the experience.

Collaboration with partners and educators

Whilst on Fellowship, our Fellows work in collaboration with local teachers to support the development of effective teaching practices. Feedback consistently showing that Fellows who are best prepared for the experience have the best chance of a long lasting impact, both for themselves and those they work with.


  • Inspiring and effective Team Leaders who will continue to drive our Fellowship programmes forward while bringing others along with them in the process
  • Culturally and emotionally intelligent individuals who advocate for equity in educational opportunities with integrity
  • Principled educators who understand working towards a big picture outcome while remaining detail focused


  • Attend and participate in all Team Leader Training sessions in person or online (outlined below).
  • Attend and provide design and delivery support of the Fellow Training Day/Webinar (Exact date/locations TBC).
  • Seek to promote LRTT and recruit for all  Fellowships through attendance of at least one local/regional teacher event.
  • Uphold the Team Leader Code of Conduct and all other LRTT safety protocols in the lead up to and during Fellowship.
  • Arrive in country a minimum of 3 days before start of Fellowship.
  • Ensure you have all necessary vaccinations and insurance ahead of travel.
  • Contribution of £300/$US400/$AUS700 towards flight, excursions, food, accommodation, visa, training, and other in-country expenses.


  • Contribution towards your flight to Fellowship country.
  • Provide all accommodation during Fellowship.
  • Cover all meals during Fellowship.
  • Cover any required visas.
  • Excursions (unless otherwise stated).
  • Provide training on recruitment and project management through online modules and team leader training days.
  • Transport and expenses to training sessions, as agreed.
  • Provide 247 support during your Fellowship.
  • Be flexible if you wish to extend travel plans before/after contract dates.
  • Send you a navy Team Leader polo shirt, money belts, and first aid kit.


Applications for 2020 Fellowships are now closed. If you’d like to join the waiting list to lead a team in 2021, please complete the form below.