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Impact on Fellows

The path from good to great is together

Over our first decade, we’ve learned that our Fellowships are a development opportunity in and of themselves. We’ve tracked their impact since 2012 and our research shows that fellows grow both as teachers and as leaders.

Back in summer 2011, having spent the summer as part of a team of six teachers helping run workshops for teachers in Uganda, George and I were back in our own classrooms. As got into the rhythm of the new term, we came to an important realisation.

We realised we had grown as teachers.

It shouldn’t have come as a surprise. We’d spent the summer exploring a lot of the challenges we faced within our own classrooms but through a new lens — the constraints of a low-resource classroom. Experiencing education in a new context had made us reflect on our own teaching and we’d come away with a greater sense of clarity about what works in the classroom.

Seeing the impact in our own classrooms and that’s one of the things that made us decide to make Inspiring Teachers (then LRTT) Fellowships into something more teachers could do.

We thought, sharing the difference the program made would be powerful but, we weren’t satisfied with anecdotal evidence. So we decided to find a way to measure their impact.

We learned about self-efficacy: the extent to which a teacher believes they can be effective and after reviewing the literature, we found the Ohio Teachers Sense of Efficacy Scale (OTSES), a tried and tested measure of teacher self-efficacy. We’ve been using it to measure the impact of our programmes on Fellows every since.

The tool measures teachers’ confidence in three areas: using instructional strategies, student engagement and classroom management. And encouraging our data consistently shows that teachers make gains in all three areas.

We also track the other things we think are important and are proud to report that:

93% of Fellows report feeling more confident in their teaching. 88% of Fellows say they returned to their school more passionate about education. 90% of Fellows say they feel more connected to global education.

It’s been really encouraging to track the impact on Fellows over the years but we believe our most exciting impact is still to come in part because we are doing more than ever to train and equip our Fellows with evidence-based tools.

Today, our Fellows support teachers through peer-coaching. They get trained as instructional coaches and support teachers through nine coaching cycles using the Inspiring Teaching Framework.

More than ever, after facing, the isolation of the pandemic, teachers will need the support to keep getting better so they can make a great impact.

At Inspiring Teachers, we’ve learned that the way from good to great is together. Our Fellowships have given thousands of teachers a chance to share their paths and grow together.

We’d like you to join us for the next phase of the journey.

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